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Work and Employment Pass

Work and Employment Pass

One Accounting Services Singapore. Work and live in Singapore as a foreign executive with the flexible Employment Pass!

No requirement for companies to hire locals first, just meet the salary and experience needed and secure a company sponsor. Your gateway to career success in Singapore!

One Accounting Services Singapore

Why Choose Us?

For businesses in Singapore, hiring foreign talent can be a strategic decision to fuel growth and innovation. However, navigating the complexities of work and employment pass applications can be challenging and time-consuming. 

One Accounting Services Singapore understands the importance of a smooth and efficient immigration process and offers comprehensive services to simplify work and employment pass applications. One Accounting Services Singapore can assist your business in securing work and employment passes, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

We are stay up-to-date with the latest changes and requirements to ensure compliance throughout the application process. With our in-depth understanding of the immigration landscape, we can guide your business through the intricacies of work and employment pass applications, saving you time and minimizing the risk of errors or delays.

Our company provides valuable assistance in preparing and submitting work permit applications. Our team of experts will ensure that the application is accurately completed and all necessary supporting documents are in order. We will guide you through the entire process, from determining the appropriate pass category to compiling the required paperwork and submitting the application on your behalf.

One Accounting Services Singapore assists in the timely renewal of employment passes, ensuring that you can retain your valuable foreign talent without disruption. If the need arises to cancel
an employment pass, we will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure compliance with regulations and minimize any potential issues.

One Accounting Services Singapore can help your business stay compliant with these regulations throughout the employment pass lifecycle. We provide guidance
on salary requirements, qualifications, and other criteria set by the MOM, ensuring that your applications meet the necessary standards.

One Accounting Services Singapore
streamlines the documentation process by assisting you in
gathering and organizing the necessary paperwork. We ensure that all documents are complete, accurate, and properly formatted, reducing the likelihood of application rejections or delays due to inadequate documentation.

One Accounting Services Singapore offer professional support and advisory services throughout the work and employment pass application process. Our team of experts is available to address your questions,
provide guidance, and offer recommendations to optimize your chances of successful pass applications.

Documents Requirements

Documents Requirements

  • Passport Bio-data
  • Highest education Certificate
  • Resume


$ 300
  • Need a well-established company sponsor in Singapore
  • Relevant experience and education qualifications
  • Must meet the minimum salary criteria
  • If sponsor has 10 or more employees, job must be advertised on local portal for 28 days before applying
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