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Local Nominee Director Service

We will assist you in every step of registering your company in Singapore, ensuring a hassle-free process that requires minimal effort on your part. Our guarantee is that it will be a quick and effortless process.

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Ensuring Compliance and Facilitating Business: One Accounting Services Singapore Local Nominee Director Service

A local nominee director serves as a resident director who fulfills statutory
obligations and represents the company in compliance matters. However, finding a trustworthy and
reliable local nominee director can be challenging. One Accounting Services Singapore understands the
importance of compliance and offers a comprehensive Local Nominee Director Service to assist
businesses in meeting regulatory requirements.

Basic Requirements:

According to ACRA Regulations, all companies in Singapore must have a local resident director. If you are a foreigner intending to register your business in Singapore, you will need to appoint a Nominee Director (ND).

Here are the other requirements that must be met:

  1. You have to appoint a local resident director, and if you’re a foreigner, you need to have a Nominee Director.
  2. You also need to have a paid-up share capital of at least $1, a local registered office address, at least one shareholder, and a company secretary. Nominee Directors must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents. 

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